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Gear of Waste gas treatment equipment

Gear of Waste gas treatment equipment

The production process of foundry factory will cause air pollution, many links will produce waste gas, need to carry on the effective treatment, discharge standard. After years of research and practice, a series of effective governance methods are designed. According to different production process links, different characteristics, different temperatures and different concentrations, comprehensive treatment and combination treatment are adopted. The zeolite runner adsorption equipment uses our factory’s large welding gear.

Our products mainly include kinds of Gear Shafts and Parts to the machine to meet worldwide requirements of various fields such as metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, industry, construction, farming, driving such as lifting, transportation, textile, Printing & dyeing machinery and light industry etc. The products can be made as per AGMA, JIS, BS, DIN or China standard by ISO 9001: 2000 Certified according to customers’ requirements to ensure they are enjoying fast sale & good reputation in the global market..
Range and Capability: Maximum Diameter:3200mm

According to your equipment requirements, we produce precision and durable large gears

Growth through innovation:

Lianyi Gear was found in 1989, Though have high appreciation in all internal &external customers on the base of 30 years manufacturing experience and professional spirit,ShunChang still persist in the quality guideline of Existing on High Quality and Developing by benifit &effect,and adhere to the service as good as possible for all old &new customers and develop grand undertaking simultaneously with them.

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